Tides of Fortune

The Scion is aware of the flow of Karma and can shape it to his benefit. He may activate one of two effects once per session:
– During a Karmic Bid (or when using Karma to add successes during a narrative scene) the Scion may add up to 1 success per rank in this power without having to spend any Karma.
– The Scion may declare that he is using this power for luck to intervene in some dynamic way on his behalf. The effect should be decided between narrator and player and should reflect the ranks the scion has in this power (rank 1, a small intervention; rank 5, Deus Ex Machina)

Silver Tongue

During an interaction test bent at persuasion, the Scion may impose one of two effects:
- Benefit of the Doubt – The target must grant the benefit of the doubt to the Scion and listen to her whole speech, regardless of his predisposition. Negative emotions remain, but the target is not allowed to interrupt the Scion (but he may of course defend himself if attacked). At levels 1-3 the target will snap out of his trance with any significant outside distraction (like a buddy yelling for him, or a gunshot, etc). At levels 4-5 nothing will allow the target to stop listening short of defending himself from bodily harm.
- Charmer – During the persuasion attempt the Scion may choose one emotion to be ‘forgotten’ during the conversation – decreasing the TH of the interaction test by a moderate amount (narrator’s discretion). At levels 1-3 the emotion may not be the primary emotion the target is feeling, but at level 4-5 it may be the primary emotion.
- The amount of people that can be affected by this ability is the rank in this power squared. At level 5 the Scion may use both of the above two effects, but only against one target. While the Scion is using either of these powers she may not use any other action.


The Scion/dragon is either beautiful, majestic, or absolutely hideous. In any event, he gains the mental or physical action “inspire awe”, which forces individuals to look towards the Scion (and perhaps away from one of your allies, or away from their computer screen, etc). The length at which they are forced to look is on the chart below.
Additionally, the Scion gains particular benefits depending on whether they are beautiful, majestic, or hideous. If beautiful, then they gain an automatic success on any interaction tests with the opposite gender; if majestic then they an automatic success on any Leadership tests; and if hideous, then they an automatic success on any intimidation tests.
Rank 1 – The Scion may use “inspire awe” on 1 person for 5 seconds.
Rank 2 – “Inspire awe” affects up to 5 people for 10 seconds.
Rank 3 – “Inspire awe” affects up to 10 people for 15 seconds. In addition, the Scion may make one more choice in what they look like (and therefore what benefits they receive). So a Scion could now switch between being beautiful and horrible (but cannot manifest both at the same time).
Rank 4 – “Inspire Awe” affects up to 25 people for 30 seconds. “Inspire Awe” no longer requires a mental action.
Rank 5 – “Inspire Awe” affects up to everyone within eyesight of the Scion for up 30 seconds. The Scion may now manifest any of the three transformations (and consequent benefits), but only one at a time.
– Targets are only partially hypnotized from the effect. They are forced to keep looking at the Scion during the time limit and any stealth rolls by allies will have enormous TH’s to resist, but any threat to their well-being or any obvious attempt to disadvantage them in some way will cancel the effect.

Phase Shift

The Scion may shift out of reality as a response to an attack, allowing the weapon to simply pass through him. The Scion may now add “Phase Shift” to his repertoire of potential defense moves which can be used against any kind of attack. He may use “Phase Shift” as many times in a defense sequence as he has ranks in this power.
Rank 2 – The character now gains an automatic success on any test where they use ‘Phase Shift’.
Rank 3 – The Scion may now use repositioning moves in addition to using “phase shift” as a defense. In essence, he is walking towards the person shooting at him while defending.
Rank 4 – The Scion may now use “phase shift” and a “ready” move at the same time, allowing him to attack right after defending.
Rank 5 – In addition to rank 4’s effect, the Scion may now also use “phase shift” and “power” at the same time.

Wireless Interface

With a sustained mental action – Air (Tech-Electronics), the character has the ability to telepathically interface with digital devices. The Scion may sense electronics within his Karmic range with a successful Air (senses) test.
Rank 1 – The Scion may sense wireless networks and connect to any nearby WiFi or Bluetooth networks and interact with the device at roughly the same speed and capability as when operating a simple handheld computer.
Rank 2 – As above, except the speed and capability increases, granting him 1 automatic success during any Air (Tech-Electronics) test or Air (research) tests while using the ability.
Rank 3 – The Scion may now access the World Wide Web from anywhere in the world or connect with any WiFi or Bluetooth capable devices, even when such wireless capabilities or the devices themselves are turned off.
Rank 4 – The Scion may now interact with objects at the speed of his thoughts. When using Wireless Interface on any extended test the Scion will now halve the normal duration of time each dice roll represents.
Rank 4 – The Scion may now telepathically interface with any object that even only has a simple electronic chip.
Note: This power deals primarily with wireless interfacing with objects. Manipulating these objects (reprogramming them, gaining information, etc) will be governed by the Tech: Electronics skill.

Newton’s Eye

With a mental action “Manipulate Gravity” the Scion may increase or decrease the effects of gravity within a given area equal to 2(Air + Earth) square feet in the shape that he wishes. By doing so, the Scion affects the moving and jumping capacity, lifting/carrying capacity, and even the amount of actions that can be performed.
At rank 1 the effect changes the jumping and carrying capacity of those within the ability’s effect by 1.5, multiplied or divided. At rank 2 it is a multiplication of 2 and so on until rank 5. Note this only affects jumping within the area of effect.
At rank 3 gravity will effect the speed at which people can walk, increasing or decreasing speed gaits by 1.
At rank 4 the Scion may add or subtract 1 to the base air and water scores of those in the area of effect.
At rank 5 the Scion has mastered gravity to such an extent that he/she can affect a single target if he wishes, rather than an area of effect.

Alternate Form

The Scion is able to alter his or her body to manifest new forms. Each rank in this power grants one point which can be used to manifest either a single or multiple forms. The Scion must choose a form that actually exists in nature or in mythology. Form costs are as follows:
-1 Able to manifest a form with new characteristics (the base cost of this ability). Changed characteristics may range from facial features to species change.
-1 The form may be a different skeletal structure than the original form (like transforming into a Great Cat or a wolf). This new form may also have light weapons, like claws. The new form may also have wings, gills, or any other unique anatomical feature which exists in nature.
- 1 The new form may be inanimate object, like the rock statue version of your intended form.
- 1 The new form may be one size larger OR two sizes smaller than the original target (see page 151 of the Players Handbook). Only a maximum of 2 points in this category may be invested in a form.
For example, another human form would just take 1 point. Turning into a tiger would be 2 points, one for the new form and another for the altered skeletal structure. A bird of prey would be 3 points, 2 for the reasons just mentioned plus 1 point for two smaller sizes. An elephant is two sizes larger than humans, and thus would require 4 points to manifest.
Each time a rank in this power is purchased the player may exchange in the previous points spent in order to purchase a more expensive form, or he may elect to use the new point in a new form.
All dragons, regardless of whether they have this power, have three points in this power with which they can manifest a single humanoid form. Other ranks in this power simply allow the dragon to manifest a greater number of forms.

Metabolic Control

The rulebook states that Metabolic control can be used to either gain benefits in quickness or stamina, based on whether the power is being used to speed up or slow down metabolism. I am altering the power such that if the player elects to speed up his metabolism then the benefits are received to go rolls including quickness, athletics, or melee. Everything else in the original rules remains the same.


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