Lord of Chaos

The bearer of this Legacy understands the patterns of Karma that shape the world around him, and can reshape those patterns at his will. The larger and more complex the pattern is, the greater the control the bearer has, including computer and social networks, natural networks like rivers and highways, and even the thought processes of humans. These changes are potent, but only seldom permanent, as Karma and Nature have a way of bringing things back to normal.

Prerequisite: Tides of Fortune

At Will – The Scion is not affected by mental disadvantages due to distracting environments.

Spending Karma:
On Objects – The Scion may affect any of these items that are in his karmic range.
1 – Break a simple object (toaster, bike)
3 – Break a multifaceted object (a simple computer, calculator, engine)
5 – Break a complex object or network (the most complex computers, an entire vehicle)
+1 – Make the breaking process permanent – otherwise it will restore after one hour per level of complexity as noted above.
+1 – affect an additional item within the same category
+3 – instead of breaking the object, it is now reorganized to perform a different but similar function.

On Systems – Affects a bubble area equal to the Scion’s karmic range
2 – A simple system – redirected natural water flow, altered timers at a traffic light, compass pointing the wrong direction.
4 – A moderately complex system – traffic lights causing gridlocks and wrecks, GPS system failure, switch in wind direction, weather phenomenon causes the wrong effects.
6 – A complex system – water flowing uphill, roads and off-ramps leading the wrong directions, even maps show incorrect routes, sunlight causing the wrong colors, etc.
-These effects last one minute. +1 minute per additional Karma spent.

On people – may only affect one individual at a time. The target may resist with Earth (Ka) against the Scion’s Air (Ka)
1-5 – causes an individual’s thoughts to become erratic, causing 2 mental disadvantage penalty per 1 Karma spent. The effect lasts for one scene.
3 – causes an individual to permanently lose his or her memory of the last minute. +1 Karma for additional minutes.
+1 an additional 2 successes to your Air (Ka) roll

Wizard’s Bane

The bearer of “Wizard’s Bane” is very aware of the flows of Karma, particularly when manifested as magic, and can alter those flows to her will.

Prerequisite – Shadow Spiner, Distant Mind, or Group Mind

At Will – Gain full successes on all casting tests to identify spells and spell effects.

Spending Karma
- 1 Decrease the damage caused by your own, or someone in your group mind’s, overkill successes by 5. For each additional 5 damage you wish to prevent beyond the first, the cost of this effect increases by 1.
- 2 Subtract or add one success from a detected casting or ritual in progress, within your karmic range, that is being cast by someone else. For each success you wish to add or subtract from the casting or ritual beyond the first, the cost of this effect increases by 1. Unwilling casters may resist this effect with an Earth (Casting) test vs. your Air (Ka).
- 3 Redirect a spell being cast to a different target. May be resisted by Earth (casting)
- 4 Alter the effect of the spell to another spell of the same rank. May be resisted by Earth (casting).
- 1 Increase your successes on your Air (Ka) test by 2 for each Karma spent.
- 6 Purge a target of all magical properties – any active spells or spell like effects. Which properties are applicable is up to the narrator.
- 6 Create an anti-magic bubble over your karmic range that prevents any spells from being cast within the bubble, or to target anyone/anything within the bubble. Lasts for Air+Earth minutes.

Other Uses:
- 3 Restrain a target from participating in a Karmic bid or using their Karma to manifest any draconic traits or legacy. Air (Ka) vs. Earth (Ka).
- 6 (must touch the target) Seal a target’s ability to access their Karma pool for Air (Ka) vs. Earth (Ka) days.

Poison Wyrm

Prerequisites – Metabolic Control

The character may cause streaming clouds of toxic gas to belch forth from his mouth, surrounding everything around him within a 30-ft radius, causing all within to be affected by various effects. The character spends 1 Karma to begin one of the three effects listed below, with options to spend more Karma. The character may combine the three effects with additional Karma. The cloud lasts 1 turn.
-1 Expand the radius of the cloud by 10 ft.
-1 Belch out just enough poison to affect one or a small group of targets.
-1 Extend the duration of the cloud by 1 turn.
- 2 Cause the cloud to be invisible and odorless.

Poison Cloud (1 Karma to activate) – All caught within the cloud must immediately make a Water (Stamina) test with the TH equal to the dragon’s rank in Metabolic Control or Poison plus his awakened rank. If the target fails, he suffers a -1 disadvantage penalty per success by which he failed the test. Each turn the victim must make an additional test. If the victim reaches -6 disadvantage then he begins to suffocate.
- 1 Increase the TH to resist the poison by 1.
- 1 Increase penalty to tests in the cloud by another -1.

Psychotropic Effects – For each of these effects the target(s) are allowed a Water (Stamina) test to resist, with a TH equal to the character’s rank in Metabolic Control or Poison plus his awakened rank.
- (varies) With 1 Karma the character belches gas that causes the victim(s) to become high, gaining -1 mental weariness per success by which they failed the test. If they reach -6 then they are completely out of it. As with the poison cloud ability, the character may spend Karma to increase the TH and/or increase the penalty.
- 5 Sleeping gas. If the target(s) fail their Water (Stamina) test then they immediately fall into a deep sleep.

Combustible Gas – Instead of poison gas, the Character belches gas that will explode once fire is introduced. The resulting explosion causes 10 damage to all in its radius and knockback of 1 foot, causing targets to be prone.
- 1 Increase the damage by 5.
- 1 Increase the knockback by an additional 1 foot.


Like “Lord of Chaos” and “Wizard’s Bane”, wielders of this legacy are very aware of the flows of Karma and its effects on reality and can manipulate those flows to his own needs. The Physiomancer, however, is specifically adept at bending Karma to temporarily alter the laws of physics related to motion.

At Will: The Scion gains full successes on any Knowledge (Science) tests related to physics.

Spending Karma
By spending Karma the Physiomancer may temporarily alter the laws of physics. In essence, he is rewriting the mathematical equations which describe the laws of science; all variables will remain the same, but new numbers will be inputted in the equation. In order to do this, a mental action is required. As some uses of this legacy is in defense, the character may opt to forgo his mental action during combat in order to activate this legacy as a defense. When this occurs, the effect lasts for just the one action and against one target, unless otherwise stated.

- Force of Impact. Increase or decrease the force of an impacting object, or increase an object’s momentum. In combat terms, for every 1 point in Karma spent you may increase/decrease the damage by 4. Out of combat you may cause more dynamic effects, including causing a bullet to leave a crater the size of a wrecking ball, cause no damage to occur when vehicles collide, or other similar effects. The Karma cost for these effects is on a scale from 1-6, depending on the amount that reality is changed (determined by narrator).
– Momentum. In addition to the effects listed above, the Physiomancy may increase or decrease the forces of momentum. He could flip a car with his hand, for an object to start rolling on flat ground (but not roll uphill, that is the realm of the “Lord of Chaos”). Like above, the Karma cost determined by the effect on reality, on a 1-6 scale.
– Angles/Trajectories of Moving Objects. Rather than increasing/decreasing momentum or force, the Physiomancer may also alter the way momentum is manifested. This could include causing trajectories to veer off course, objects falling short of their logical destinations, or any angle that could be determined by mathematics. In combat, the Physiomancer may spend Karma to add successes to any attack or defense that he sees, without initiating a Karmic bid. Like above, he may also affect the world around him outside of combat, with the point cost depending on the effect to the real world on a scale of 1-6.

1 Karma – May affect an additional object (a second burst of bullets, the other fist, the same fist but a second attack if there is no duration, etc)
3+ Karma – The power now has a duration. It will last on targeted objects for one whole action in combat, or 5 seconds outside of combat. +1 Karma per additional action/5 seconds. Note, while a power is active no other alterations may be made. A duration may be cancelled early at any time.
5 Karma – Instead of targeting individual objects, the alterations is manifested in a given area instead, affecting all objects equally.


The Teleporter Legacy will remain the same as it is in the book with these changes to the spending Karma options:

Free – Teleport a crawl distance away
1 Teleport a meter away
2 Teleport tens of meters away
3 Teleport hundreds of meters away
4 Teleport up to several kilometers away
5 Teleport hundreds of kilometers away
6 Teleport to the other side of the planet
1Teleport as part of an action sequence
3 Teleport away from combat as part of a defense sequence (still have to roll for combat, but only for the one defense)
+1 Teleport subtly and quietly
+1 per size category of passenger you teleport with you. You may if you wish teleport yourself and your passenger into non-and leave them there. This requires three turns (one to teleport, one to drop in non-space, and one to teleport back), with the opponent able to resist for one action (unless he or she is unconscious).
+3 to teleport any number of other players with you


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