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Blog post by Winston, under pseudonym "Anomanth"

Hey folks, guess what? I’m a dragon.


That’s what the strange man in the abandoned warehouse told me. We’ll see about that.

Really, it was kinda nuts.

You’ve all seen the weird stuff going on around here, haven’t you? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, and you can’t deny it. More and more crazies walkin’ the streets, rumors of weird things stalking in the night. People disappearing, inexplicable events happening. H. P. Lovecraft would be having a ball right now.

So, what is it? Is it real? Is something unnatural happening in London? Something supernatural? Do we need to give the Ghostbusters (Rest in peace, Egon) a call? Maybe the Winchesters are more appropriate here – if things get bloody, that is.

The point is, something strange is going on, and maybe I’m getting wrapped up in it. . .

I’ve been hired as part of a team that is looking for answers. I guess. Kind of an odd lot. We’ve got some big tough guy, part of a gang or something. . . He’s hired muscle? Not sure. A couple of lawmen, too. I think. Actually, I guess one of them is a cop, the other’s a private investigator. The lady in charge is a . . . rich person? Really, I think that’s it. She’s got money, and lots of it. Her deep pockets are backing the operation.

And then there’s me, the ordinary guy. Except that I’m also a dragon.

We were investigating some suspicious crimes that had happened. Petty thefts, apparently, but on a pretty massive scale. Like, more petty crimes than the Foot Clan ever pulled off. Just a lot of stolen things. Kinda suspicious, I suppose. I guess that’s why we were investigating. It was just weird enough to fall under our jurisdiction, or something.

Led us to a creepy abandoned warehouse. Couple of guards, not much else. Easy work to get in, apparently.

But here’s where things go nuts: invisible people.

Yeah, invisible people.

They jumped us as soon as we got in, but I spotted them. You know how it is, you can always spot the person with the cloaking device because the air is all wobbly around them. That’s what movies and video games tell me, and apparently they’re right. We spotted the invisible people, and a fight broke out.

A fight. Me. In a fight.

I don’t really fight, you know? I’m kinda fat. I like american tv shows and movies. And pizza.

But I was in a fight. I punched a guy. Whack. In the face. Batman style.

Then things got crazy. Let it be known, I just punched a guy. That’s all.

That’s when the guy in the suit showed up. Nice chap, I thought. Everyone else freaked out, though. The cop pulled a gun, rich girl had katana to the guys neck (Really? A Katana? Who are these people?). Some arguing followed. I slumped to the ground in the fetal position. I don’t like confrontations.

Well, long story short, nobody shot the guy. Nice guy, really. Except that he told us that we are all dragons.

We are dragons. Dragons.


So, that’s that. I’m apparently a dragon. It’s kinda crazy, but I’ll play along with it. That’s what this blog is for. It will be the chronicles of my dragon adventures. Because, if I’m a dragon, I’m gonna have some adventures. I’d hope.

Thanks for reading, folks.

Anomanth, out.


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