(rank 1 independent edge)
+2 rerolls when deciphering, manipulating, or attempting to understand any complex puzzle or system.

Supernal Hunter

(rank 1 independent edge)
+ 2 rerolls when using leftover clues to track your prey, or when investigating a crime scene.

Roll With It

This edge allows scions to reduce damage taken during a dodge attempt even when their attempts fail. So long as the Scion attempted to dodge (it must be a dodge, not a weapon block), and generated at least one success, he may reduce a little damage taken from each hit against him, including any payoff damage from fighting styles. The Scion may do this once per rank he has in this edge. The amount of damage reduced from each hit is 1 at level 1, 2 and level 3, and 3 and level 5.
For example, a Vampire has successfully attacked Buffy with two fist attacks, plus a 5 damage payoff for his fighting style. The damage of his fists are 4. Buffy’s ranks in “Roll With It” is 3, and she generated at least one success so she can use her edge. As her edge rank is 3, she can reduce the damage from 3 attacks including payoffs, so she chooses the two fist attacks and the payoff. The edge reduces 2 damage from each attack, meaning the Vampire did 2+2+3 damage, as opposed to the original 4+4+5 damage!

Boundless Charisma

By giving a pep talk to your allies (one at a time) you can temporarily reduce their weariness or wound penalties. As a mental action, roll Air (interaction) at a TH of the current penalty (remember ranks in Group Mind grant benefits to Air (interaction) rolls with your brood mates). If the roll is successful then you may reduce their penalty as many dice as you have ranks in this edge.
rank 3 – In addition to being able to use “pep talk” to reduce penalties, a Scion can alternatively use “pep talk” once per session before an ally initiates an action, and grant that ally rerolls equal to your rank in this edge.
rank 5 – “friends everywhere”. The Scion has made so many friends with her boundless charisma that once per session she may suggest to the narrator that one of her many friends randomly shows up to assist her in some way.

Boys Will Be Boys

When this Scion finds himself in difficult social situations where he is at fault, like being caught red-handed breaking into a vault, or attempting to smooth over a political scandal, he may use his charisma to reduce the TH of the dice roll.
Rank 1 – reduce th by 1
Rank 2 – When caught and the Scion begins defending himself, any immediate reaction is stalled until he has finished his explanation
Rank 3 – reduce th by an additional 1
Rank 4 – reductions in th may now also be applied to persuasion attempts aimed at redirecting blame to someone else.
Rank 5 – a further reduction in th by 1

Photographic Memory

1 reroll per rank in this edge in any knowledge or other test when required to recall information.
Rank 5 – The Scion also gains the ability to look at a page of words or data and take a mental picture of it, memorizing it completely.

Knowing Glance

Rank 1 – +1 reroll with Interaction tests to interrogate or determine guilt.
Rank 2 – Once the Scion knows a target is guilty, and knows at least one detail about the crime, he may use the mental action “taunt” to not only do the usual effect, but to add an additional 2 mental disadvantage as the target is wracked with torment.
Rank 3 – + an additional reroll. 3 mental disadvantage.
Rank 4 – The Scion no longer has to know or mention any details about a crime to cause mental torment, although he still needs to use the “taunt” mental action. Taunt now causes 4 mental disadvantage.
Rank 5 – + an additional reroll. 5 mental disadvantage.


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