Winston Pike

Brilliant UX Designer


Background: UX Designer
Sire: Zu
Wealth: 5 (Affluent)


Fire: 3
Water: 4
Air: 5
Earth: 4


Master of Chaos:


Group Mind: Rank 1
Tides of Fortune: Rank 1
Wireless Interface: Rank 2


Network: Rank 1
Windfall: Rank 1
Cipher: Rank 1
Memory: Rank 1

Physical Skills

Athletics: Rank 1
Melee: Rank 2
Stamina: Rank 1
Quickness: Rank 2
Ranged: Rank 0
Travel: Rank 2

Mental Skills

Casting: Rank 0
Craft: UX Design Rank 4
Craft: Blogging Rank 2
Interaction: Rank 2
Ka: Rank 2
Knowledge: Design Rank 4
Knowledge: Internet Rank 4
Knowledge: Street Rank 2
Knowledge: - Rank 0
Knowledge: - Rank 0
Knowledge: - Rank 0
Medicine: Rank 0
Research: Rank 4
Senses: Rank 1
Stealth: Rank 0
Tech: Mechanics Rank 0
Tech: Electronics Rank 5
Tech: Engineering Rank 0
Trickery: Rank 4
Will: Rank 4

Fighting Styles

Underhanded: 2
Entrapping Defense: 1




Family and Early Childhood

Winston Pike had an ordinary, carefree childhood, in a middle-class family, the third chlld of Mortimer and Lorainne Pike. His father worked as a software developer, while his mother balanced being a stay-at-home mom with a part time job at a local bakery. His two older brother, David and Thomas, were ambitious boys, both eventually going to business school and finding success in the business world. His younger sister, Annette, was more the misfit, falling in with the reviving punk scene in London.

From a young age, Winston was a creative individual. His mind was always racing with new ideas, his imagination running rampant. He cherished every opportunity to create new things, and would often obsess over his various projects. As a side-effect, Winston had a tendency to isolate himself, shunning all social contact for days, as he was immersed in his creative work.


At the age of twenty-two, Winston experienced horrific, life-changing events. It began with a dream, a nightmare, in which Winston could feel, flowing through him, an awful, destructive power. He watched in horror as, all around him, the city of London fell into chaos, engulfed in a madness that was his doing. Most horrific of all, however, was what Winston felt as he watched the city descend into madness – he felt glee. Like a young boy destroying his younger sister’s dollhouse, he was giddy with the power he felt as he watched London collapse upon itself.

When he awoke, he could not shake that horrific feeling. He was a creative. He lived to create. In this nightmare, however, he delighted in destruction.

That day, the horrors of his nightmare found their way into reality. He was in his final year of college, and had been able to get an internship as a web designer with the software company his father worked for. As he went in to work that day, everything fell apart.

It began with subtlety. The html code he has been working on for weeks, was inexplicably ruined, the lines of code jumbled together. Shortly thereafter, everyone in the entire company was experiencing the same problems. As the entire office fell into a panic, fearing that all of their work had been destroyed by some sort of malicious virus, Winston could only tremble in fear at a power he felt growing within him. The power of chaos.

The worst was yet to come.

Other problems began to arise. Machines, all around, were malfunctioning. Printers were spewing out page after page of an unknown language, every computer in the office was cycling through random and horrific images on their monitors, and a few poor souls were trapped in an elevator that was going out of control. Then, for just a few, horrific moments, the inexplicable transitioned into the absurd. A highway, with eight lanes of traffic, suddenly found itself running through the middle of the office. It didn’t last long, perhaps only a few minutes, but that was long enough. As suddenly as it had begun, it came to an end. Winston was the sole survivor, surrounded by a ruined office, a pileup of cars, and the corpses of his fellow employees, including his own father.

While the police wrote it off as a freak disaster, among the first of many to come, Winston knew that it was more than that. He knew, deep down, that he was responsible.

The Aftermath

After that day, Winston never experienced a repeat of such terrifying events. No more nightmares, no more freak disasters. He almost began to question whether or not he had anything to do with. Perhaps he wasn’t responsible. Perhaps it was all just a fluke, and his troubles were over.

He still had more than enough troubles, however. With his father’s death, Winston’s mother became a mental and emotional wreck. Four years of depression ended in a fatal overdose. His sister, Annette, shut herself off from the rest of the family, and eventually disappeared into the Velvet Underground, the London punk scene that was on the rise. His oldest brother, David, also experienced bouts of depression, severely damaging his career, but eventually pulled out of it. The other brother, Thomas, did not seem to be upset by their father’s death.

As for Winston himself, he was greatly troubled by the event, and saddened by the lost of his father, and soon after, his mother, but his life went on. He could not dwell on what happened, because that always led to resurfacing memories of his nightmare. Instead, he blocked it all out. He buried it beneath his work, his projects, and his creativity. He went on to finish school and launch a successful career as a User Experience Designer, working for a large software company. He kept up a cheery demeanor, and went on like nothing was wrong. Just beneath the surface, however, a storm was building, and he feared what could happen if it was ever unleashed.

A Darkness over London

As the return of magic began to have a greater effect on the city of London, Winston’s older brothers found themselves involved in something dark. Their rise up the corporate ladder eventually brought them into a secret organization: the Gehenna Consortium. They became involved in the use of dark magic, and the onset of Taint was inevitable. While they never let Winston know exactly what was going on, his well-honed skills of internet stalking gave him a glimpse of the dark coven that they had become a part of.

Winston did not know how to confront his brothers about this, or even if he should, but in the end, he didn’t have to. David willingly told him about it, one day. He did not reveal everything that they were involved in, just that it involved the magic that was building in London. David made an offer to Winston, revealing to him an artifact with magical properties, and inviting him to experiment with the ways it could change the technology that Winston worked with. Winston was reluctant, but agreed to look into it. David allowed him to borrow the artifact for a short time, to inspect it, and see the potential it held.

Three days later, Winston received word that David, was dead. The official cause of death was unknown. Winston received a visit from Thomas, letting him know that David’s offer was no longer on the table. He took the artifact back, and left, without saying a word about their brother’s death. That was the last that he saw of Thomas. Of his brother, David, a hefty portion of his fortune, left for him in his will, was the last that Winston ever saw.

The Calling

Although the opportunity to work with his brother, in implementing the powers of the artifact into his software and designs, was lost, Winston was still determined to do work of a similar nature. Those three short days that he had to inspect the artifact were eye opening, and he realized the true power and potential of the magic that was returning to the world.

Winston envisioned something grand. Magically powered network connections, with instantaneous and unlimited data transfer, on virtually any device. Magical encryption on software, making it nigh-impossible to hack into or corrupt with a virus. Holographic displays, the likes of which would make Tony Stark jealous. Winston foresaw a future in which reality and the digital world could be integrated seamlessly. All through the powers that were returning to the world.

While so many saw darkness in magic, Winston saw light. Winston saw a bright and gleaming future, and he knew that he had the power to make that future.

He also had the power to destroy it.

Winston Pike

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