Leonard (Dirtbeard) O'Reilley

Biker Gang Leader and Mob Enforcer


Background: Biker
Sire: Typhon


Fire: 5
Water: 5
Air: 3
Earth: 3


Allies Rank 1 – (Winston’s Sister Tanya)
Dervish Rank 1 – Rerolls when fighting multiple enemies
Defender Rank 2 – When using the defend move is able to to defend more than just one friend. Is able to defend 1 + ranks in this edge attacks.
Roll With It Rank 1 – As long as he attempts to dodge but failed this edge reduces damage taken.


Group Mind Rank 1
Metabolic Control Rank 2 – Ability to speed up or slow down metabolism – Either gives bonus successes to athletics/quickness/melee OR to stamina, while reducing dice in every other attribute.
Ferocity Rank 1 – Ignore wound penalties – 1 per rank in this power.


Poison Wyrm – Ability to produce poisonous gas that has lethal, psychotropic, or combustible characteristics.


Excellent at Athletics, Melee, Stamina, Quickness, Travel, Mechanics, Senses, and Knowledge of Geography and Street

Fighting Styles

Street Fighter
Knife Fighter (Using brass knuckles)


Leonard (Dirtbeard) O'Reilley

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