Gerome Chamberlin

(NPC) Savvy Businessman and Cult Leader


Aspects and Attributes – largely a mystery. The players know that Gerome can cast several spells and has exceptional social skills, but other than that Gerome’s attributes, edges, and other abilities are unknown.


The players came across Gerome while they were investigating several magical thefts near the docks in London. Apparently Gerome had been teaching cultists magic in exchange for their petty crimes, but the operation was shut down by players and Gerome is not in prison for his actions.

Gerome claims that he saw a vision where he was supposed to give an ancient magical artifact to a group of powerful people when they arrived. He fulfilled his prophecy by giving the players a Chinese Xia Dynasty artifact that also has some connection to each of the players’ mythic past.

Since the exchange at the warehouse, Simon, Jasper, Winston, and Fidelia have investigated more into Gerome’s background, to no avail. It is clear from the evidence (and sometimes the lack thereof) that Gerome is linked to something greater than himself, but what that is seems to be a mystery.

Gerome Chamberlin

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