Fireborn - Salt Lake City

Winston Pike - Text Message
A Message Sent to the rest of the Crew Concerning Zombies

Don’t worry, folks. We’re not dealing with the Solanum Virus, the T-Virus, or any other Zombie Outbreak virus. My guess. . . Necromancy.

Petty Thiefs, a Midnight Raid, a Little Magic, and Poof! Dragons Reborn!
1st Session Wrap-up

Hello All, or at least all that actually look at this website. It has been nearly three months since we last played. First finals got in the way, and then six weeks of weddings, and now finally we are going to play again! So I decided it was probably about time I wrote a short reminder of what happened last time. In addition to Winston’s blog post of course, that thing is brilliant.

So in our first session our motley band of ancient dragon scions essentially met up, raided a sketchy warehouse, and routed a bunch of petty thieves – take that bad guys! It began with the gang’s catalyst Fidelia Crow gathering a crew to investigate magical happenings in London. After working together on a few outings the characters learned of several petty thefts where the thieves clearly were using magic. And so, after some information gathering the gang went to investigate.

Upon reaching the warehouse, friend and local PI Jasper Ketchup suddenly disappeared into thin air, literally. He found himself teleported to a strange ancient building, high up in some frozen mountains. Upon entering he discovered five empty pedestals in a large open chamber. It is at this moment that not only Jasper, but the whole gang, saw an short image of the past with each individual in dragon, instead of human, form, standing around five artifacts discussing what to do about some coming catastrophe.

The vision ended as suddenly as it began and Jasper found himself back near the warehouse, to the astonishment of Simon who had been standing right next to Jasper when he disappeared. The characters shook off the strange incident (and the whole disappearing thing) rather well considering, and they went ahead with their investigation of the warehouse.

Upon breaking in to the facility, they were attacked by guards, both visible and invisible, and lashed out in a violent defense. The carnage was only ended when businessman Gerome Chamberlin pacified the guards (and the players, eventually). He explained to the characters that he knew they would come eventually, and had saved a special artifact to “return” to them, explaining that they had all once lived as dragons. The characters did not take to this revelation very well and nearly killed Gerome, but fortunately for the Narrator (helpful NPCs are so hard to develop) the violence stopped just in time!

Gerome explained that there were four other artifacts – all part of an important set – which the characters would be interested in finding. Indeed, upon setting eyes on the first artifact, a vase from the Chinese Xia Dynasty, the characters found themselves hungering after the knowledge that similar artifacts could grant. Gerome explained that one other artifact remained in Britain, in the possession of crazed Necromancer. The identities of the remaining three artifact could also be found on a piece of parchment in the Leonardo Museum of Salt Lake City.

Upon leaving the warehouse the characters reported to the police of Gerome’s criminal operations, and he was promptly arrested the next day – which was record-breaking speed according to law experts Simon and Jasper.

Clues to Consider:

- Gerome employed magic wielders in a petty theft operation, stealing in some cases seemingly worthless items from people’s homes. These items, it turns out, were high in Karma, as they were items that were valuable because they were important to people. Why Gerome would gather such items was never discovered.

- Winston and Jasper discovered that there was a lot of computer traffic in the area of the warehouse, as well as large amounts of money recently coming through London, but no other information along these lines was found at the warehouse

- In the past, the characters learned that their dragons selves were doing something with five artifacts in order to prevent some calamity involving magic. Although each dragon apparently had different opinions on the matter, they each at least agreed upon the seriousness of the upcoming devastation, and a path to prevent it

- Jasper can travel to an old lair in the real world, and not simply in a vision

- The artifact given to the characters by Gerome is from the ancient Chinese Xia Dynasty, from the beginning of Chinese civilization

Winston Pike - Blog Post
Blog post by Winston, under pseudonym "Anomanth"

Hey folks, guess what? I’m a dragon.


That’s what the strange man in the abandoned warehouse told me. We’ll see about that.

Really, it was kinda nuts.

You’ve all seen the weird stuff going on around here, haven’t you? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, and you can’t deny it. More and more crazies walkin’ the streets, rumors of weird things stalking in the night. People disappearing, inexplicable events happening. H. P. Lovecraft would be having a ball right now.

So, what is it? Is it real? Is something unnatural happening in London? Something supernatural? Do we need to give the Ghostbusters (Rest in peace, Egon) a call? Maybe the Winchesters are more appropriate here – if things get bloody, that is.

The point is, something strange is going on, and maybe I’m getting wrapped up in it. . .

I’ve been hired as part of a team that is looking for answers. I guess. Kind of an odd lot. We’ve got some big tough guy, part of a gang or something. . . He’s hired muscle? Not sure. A couple of lawmen, too. I think. Actually, I guess one of them is a cop, the other’s a private investigator. The lady in charge is a . . . rich person? Really, I think that’s it. She’s got money, and lots of it. Her deep pockets are backing the operation.

And then there’s me, the ordinary guy. Except that I’m also a dragon.

We were investigating some suspicious crimes that had happened. Petty thefts, apparently, but on a pretty massive scale. Like, more petty crimes than the Foot Clan ever pulled off. Just a lot of stolen things. Kinda suspicious, I suppose. I guess that’s why we were investigating. It was just weird enough to fall under our jurisdiction, or something.

Led us to a creepy abandoned warehouse. Couple of guards, not much else. Easy work to get in, apparently.

But here’s where things go nuts: invisible people.

Yeah, invisible people.

They jumped us as soon as we got in, but I spotted them. You know how it is, you can always spot the person with the cloaking device because the air is all wobbly around them. That’s what movies and video games tell me, and apparently they’re right. We spotted the invisible people, and a fight broke out.

A fight. Me. In a fight.

I don’t really fight, you know? I’m kinda fat. I like american tv shows and movies. And pizza.

But I was in a fight. I punched a guy. Whack. In the face. Batman style.

Then things got crazy. Let it be known, I just punched a guy. That’s all.

That’s when the guy in the suit showed up. Nice chap, I thought. Everyone else freaked out, though. The cop pulled a gun, rich girl had katana to the guys neck (Really? A Katana? Who are these people?). Some arguing followed. I slumped to the ground in the fetal position. I don’t like confrontations.

Well, long story short, nobody shot the guy. Nice guy, really. Except that he told us that we are all dragons.

We are dragons. Dragons.


So, that’s that. I’m apparently a dragon. It’s kinda crazy, but I’ll play along with it. That’s what this blog is for. It will be the chronicles of my dragon adventures. Because, if I’m a dragon, I’m gonna have some adventures. I’d hope.

Thanks for reading, folks.

Anomanth, out.

Winston Pike - Google+ Post

No more frozen pizza before bed. Wiggity wack dreams, #inception


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